Just one of those days…

Today has been a rather odd even annoying day…  I was preparing myself to get inspired, you know I’m the kind of person who needs to prepare for it, so I sat in front of the laptop and started looking for some photos on the web and of course, my internet connection wasn’t in the mood…there are 2 more computers here and theirs was just fine…but not mine grr! First set back. Took a deep breath and decided to move my desk elsewhere, thinking the bad connection was to do with the location of the lappy… so I unplugged it and started walking around the room, checking….it seemed to work closer to the window. Great, I thought, then I will put my desk here and see. But then I remembered, the desk I have is sort of attached perpendicular to a bookcase which would stand oddly in the middle of a big window and couldn’t put in the available corner because the wall there was too narrow and would stick out …etcetera, etcetera. So couldn’t move the lappy nor the desk and had an awful connection  (2 miserable bars out of 6).  Would have to find another way to get inspired without the aid of internet. I put the sketch pad in front of me, pencils, etc. Blank.

Frustrated, I went to do something else…mmm what to do? what to do? Sewing was the option, so I went to finish some pillow cases I started earlier in the week (in an attempt of using all the bits  of fabric I have). Managed to finish a couple because the impulse didn’t last long, I wanted to paint or at least do some sketches.

Back in front of my lappy, surfing among my collection of landscapes photos to see if a spark of an idea or inspiration would come to me. No luck…tested the connection once more…no luck either. Left the lappy alone and went to watch tv, maybe a nice nature or historical program would be on. Hundreds of channels to choose from cable tv and nothing to watch!!!

I tried to do several other things, but without success. Then the phone rang. Was an uncle wanting to know if I had finishing repairing his “Furniture’s Tale” box that got damaged by an earthquake and the hands of the cleaning lady who dropped the box twice (I’m saving the comment to myself here) and caused more damage than the earthquake…go figure. Anyway, so I said to him that I hadn’t done anything yet but will look into it asap… When nothing else works, the best thing to do is turn to woodworking!  🙂

I took the box, some serious damage to it could be easily seen, to the box itself and nothing major to the furniture inside (Thank god!). Happily took the tools, some wood and started repairing the box. It still needs some work and time for the glue to set but all in all, the major work is done.

The damaged box

If all goes well, should be ready this weekend.

About the inspiration… it should be around the corner, somewhere…

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