Last year I received a very very nice prize for a painting competition: a box of 24 Derwent Inktense Blocks, accessories and goodies. I’ve been using the Inktense pencil range for years now, so I was expecting great quality… and I wasn’t wrong. I wanted to test them on fabric first, but then I was given a canvas so I used it. Made quite a few sketches and then just started. Despite of the Inktense being water soluble, the feel was a bit oily and like pastel at the same time, and when used dried it behaved like them, whereas when use with water, it would behave like watercolour, with the thickness of acrylic and the intensity and vibrancy of ink.

I do beaded jewellery, so it was like the obvious next step to combine both paint and beads for 3D art… and here is the first attempt, size 40x50cm.


This painting called “Daydreaming” is currently being exhibit in the National Society of Fine Arts at the Alhambra Palace in Santiago, Chile.

If you are interested in knowing more about Inktense and all the range of Derwent products, visit their website at

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