I discovered crochet

It all started because I wanted to make a basket for the bathroom without spending any money by reusing whatever material I had at home. 

I saw a few options here and there and the easiest ones pointed to crochet work… which was something that I had no experience in, except for a long forgotten class in school, so practically I had no idea how to work with it.

The gathering of material started. I did the basket with a cheap nylon twine I had which was an ideal material to use in the bathroom, as it wouldn’t get mouldy with the humidity. It was OK although I wanted to make one I saw in a photo on internet that used a crochet technique. I had no choice but to learn to crochet.

So I did learn and I haven’t stopped learning and making stuff since.

Here are some baby shoes and booties






These are the adult ankle booties with hard soles.



And a pair of booties done for my 5 y/o niece recycling old crocs shoes as base. 


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