I’ve been busy doing all sort of things, as usual, but I found some time to post the latest goodies I’ve been working on.  I wish I had taken better photos for some of them 🙂

Baby quilt work in progress."Sun"  baby quilt.


Round cushions, colourful and warm, love these.Round cushions.

Autumn coloured wreath

Autumn Wreath

Purples, Violets and Lilacs wreath…Lavender wreath



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  1. Micckey says:

    Do u sell your patters, im interested in the lite house an boat. Ms sister recently passed an she love lite hses an would like to put one by her pic.

    • Hi Micckey, I’m planning to sell patterns (fingers crossed), so I will be reviewing all the things that I’ve made, including the lighthouse. Mind you, I didn’t write down patterns for most of them, but I think there won’t be any problem.

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