Kitchen rack

I particularly like to work with wood, I’ve done furniture in small and big scale and a few years ago I design this kitchen rack to go in my kitchen, it’s small and useful and I like old fashion look of it. I put some wine glass holders, some bars in front of the  shelves (you have to when you live in a seismic country), utensil holders in the lower part, hooks for the cups and the plates rack in the centre. I don’t know when I’ll be doing this, but once thing is for sure, I will use recycled wood, probably from a palet, which is cheaper and are usually done with hard wood. So this is the idea:Kitchen-rack Kitchen-rack_b

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My little joy


My little joy is my illustrated book for children, called “La Furia de Kaifun” or ” The Fury of Kaifun”, the story about a little sea lion who grew up among the children of Corazones beach. Kaifun taught them, the hard way, valuable lessons about what is important in life, such as love, family and friendship. I do love the story and I’m so proud of being able to illustrate it.

Here’s the link

The book is avaible in digital and paper format.

Although it’s directed mainly for Spanish speakers, the pages are fully illustrated and the story is easy to follow. 

As a graphic designer I’ve published many things, but this is different and so close to my heart that is hard to put in words how proud and happy I feel for my wee Kaifun. 

Please have a look, download the demo if you can and well…I hope you like it.




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That wonderful feeling!

Today I received the best news… after 2 years of work, comings and goings, sweat and tears… the children’s book I illustrated and helped to create is ready to go out for sale this month!!! Yesssss.

I will post more information on this as soon as possible.

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The last necklace

Before moving on to do some painting, I made this last bead embroidery necklace and it really does look good.

Bead embroidery

Bead embroidery

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Update on the baby blanket

And so it’s done and yes it’s more like a quilt, so thick and cosy. I put a white soft cotton fabric on the back and the little balls in the corners can be removed for washing. It’s lovely and bright, wouldn’t you agree?

For the baby.

For the baby.

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Blue necklace

I started this necklace more than a year ago and left it there unfinished…a good friend of mine and also jewellery designer, Chris Linacre, told me that it took me so long because it was waiting for the right buyer to come along (How sweet!).  Well, here is the necklace and it looks very pretty.

Striking blue necklace

Striking blue necklace

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Just because

I’ve been wanting to do one of these for ages and so I did. I think this is the right piece to welcome spring, and it would look lovely in a summer house as well…or what about in a baby’s room? So many possibilities to brighten up any room!


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Baby blanket

I decided that it was time to make something bigger with crochet but, without going over the top, and what is better than to do a baby blanket? I particularly like colourful things or very simple one colour, as you can probably tell by now if you have had a look around my blog. So I’m making a very colourful baby blanket. Although it is still a work in progress, the crochet part is done, now comes the sewing bit, where the fabric is going to be attached to the back and a few details here and there. I will be posting the end result soon.


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In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight ♪♫…

Although it should be the Savanna. I made this for my nephew 🙂 Rooooaaarrrrrrrgggggh!!!Image

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The Elephant pattern

As I promised, here is the elephant pattern. I do hope it’s  easy to follow, it’s my first pattern so I would appreciate any comment or correction if it’s necessary.

Elephant Crochet Pattern

Enjoy and let me know if it worked for you 🙂

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